How rich is Dawna Friesen?


How rich is Dawna Friesen?

Dawna Friesen Net Worth:
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Dawna Friesen is a far famed and distinguished Canadian journalist who was born on October 8th, 1964 at Winnipeg in Manitoba. Dawna favored to live in a huge house that seems bigger where she preferred to walk combined with nature and plants. Friesens house appeared to be quite modern and classic with high ceilings and big rooms. Being quite successful as a television journalist and anchorman, she’s made good money and has purchased huge and substantial houses at two important and expensive cities. Dawna is an enthusiastic supporter of tea bags, while she loves having a sip of tea prepared by her aunt. You also could see her every time with her Apple iPod Touch, because Dawna loves to carry her family pictures and best adored music inside. Silicon Whisk is among the common kitchenettes that she uses quite frequently. Additionally the greatest novel that she loves to read is The Cinnamon Peeler by Michael Ondaatje. Some years after, Dawna became part of CTV where she hold the obligation as a reporter, host and stand in anchor at Canada AM. Additionally she was designated as a reporter to get parliament cover stories from Ottawa office and anchorman CBC – TC in Vancouver. After some years of effort and expertise, Dawna changed from CTV to NBC Channel. Having an aim to cover international reports and news tips, she got a chance to travel world-wide. Friesen was mainly noticed to present the infringements occurring at Israel and Palestine. Additionally she presented the war happenings and states in Afghanistan and Iraq. Above all, Dawna went to Iraq for some days while Saddam kept Iraqi Government in order. Besides all these, she made lots of research and coverage about the Britain Election that backslashed for a decade. Dawna is married to Tom Kennedy who’s the Correspondent Heat of CTV – London Based. Tom and Dawna adored each other amidst the enormous age differences of 12 years between them. They both are happy together and haven’t went anything erroneous or against within their family life. They have been the proud and blessed parents of 2 lad children. She was acknowledged by Red River College and won the esteemed The Distinguished Alumni Award.

Birth date: 1964-12-31
Spouse: Tom Kennedy (journalist)
Source: Wikipedia

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