How rich is Dawn Robinson?


How rich is Dawn Robinson?

Dawn Robinson Net Worth:
$5 Million

Dawn Robinson Net Worth:

She’s an American performer, song writer and vocalist. She climbed to the popularity when she was singing in En Vogue an R&B quartet. This can be one of best selling group made up by girls. They sold million copies of the record throughout the nation and among their tunes created among the top charting single under the name Dance Tonight. In 2002, Robinson had a solo album called Dawn and it made her first single hit called Envious. They came together again for their 20th birthday in 2009 but by 2010 she’d already left the group due to the inferior settlement for the work done with lousy direction. She was in the first season of R&B Divas: Los Angeles. The Dawn Robinson is a well-known vocalist and she’s a net worth of 5 million. She’d won many films awards from 1989. The group itself has a total of 7 Grammy nominations with four soul train awards in addition to the MTV VMAs with others. The group was considered to be among the most successful groups for all time since 1990s. The group released six records by 1990 and 2004. In regards to private life of Dawn Robinson, the only advice is that she got married to American vocalist and Celebrity Dre Allen, but their union ended up in divorce by 2007. Dawn Robinson failed to appear in the& R&B Divas reunion because of she said that she didn’t feel like attending it but some say that her ex husband requested that she should be prohibited for it. He said that she learned that she said they got divorced because he was violent while Dawn was the one to happen to be arrested for domestic violence. Another claim is that the he had kids during their union interval which she said additionally that it wasn’t accurate because his kids weren’t produced during the 5 years that he was wed to her. After hearing this, Dre made the phone calls and threatened the firms in charge to spread such gossips that they are going to be sued and it is great to get all facts lights before making something public. Dawn Robinson is understood to direct problem but for her she said that a lot of people hate the way in which that she likes to stand up for her rights.

Birth date: November 24, 1965
Birth place: New London, Connecticut, United States
Profession: Singer, Actor, Voice Actor
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Dre Allen (m. 2002–2007)
Parents: Barbara Jean Robinson Alexander, John William Robinson
Music groups: En Vogue, Lucy Pearl
Movies: Batman Forever, Tank Girl, Life, The Rugrats Movie, Another 48 Hrs.
Source: Wikipedia

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