How rich is Danger Mouse?


How rich is Danger Mouse?

Danger Mouse Net Worth:
$4 Million

Danger Mouse Net Worth:

Brian Joseph Burton (born July 29, 1977), better known by his stage name Danger Mouse, is an American musician, songwriter and producer. He came to prominence in 2004 when he released The Grey Album, which combined vocal performances from Jay-Z's The Black Album with instrumentals from The Beatles' The Beatles.He formed Gnarls Barkley with CeeLo Green and produced its albums St. Elsewhere and The Odd Couple. He produced the second Gorillaz album, 2005's Demon Days, as well as Beck's 2008 record Modern Guilt and the album Attack & Release with The Black Keys in 2008. He has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the Producer of the Year category five times, and won the award in 2011. In addition, Burton worked with rapper MF Doom as Danger Doom and released the album The Mouse and the Mask. Danger Mouse most recently produced and co-wrote albums by The Black Keys (El Camino, Turn Blue), Norah Jones (Little Broken Hearts), Electric Guest (Mondo), and Portugal. The Man (Evil Friends).In 2009 he collaborated with James Mercer of the indie rock band The Shins to form the band Broken Bells. The group's first album was released on March 9, 2010, and their second on January 31, 2014.Danger Mouse was listed as one of Esquire magazine's seventy-five most influential people of the 21st century.
Birth date: July 29, 1977
Birth place: White Plains, New York, United States
Profession: Record producer, Musician, Artist, Songwriter, Music artist
Education: University of Georgia
Nationality: United States of America
Awards: Grammy Award for Best Rock Song
Record labels: Parlophone, Capitol Records, Lex Records, EMI
Music groups: Broken Bells (Since 2009), Gnarls Barkley (Since 2004), Gorillaz (Since 2004), DangerDoom
Nominations: Grammy Award for Album of the Year, Grammy Award for Record of the Year, NME Award Giving It Back Fan Award, Crazy, After the Disco, Holding on for Life, 7. The Intergalactic 147, 6. Heavy Duty, 5. Pillow Fright!

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