How rich is Dagen McDowell?


How rich is Mary Dagen McDowell?

Mary Dagen McDowell Net Worth:
$5 Million

Mary Dagen McDowell Net Worth:

An anchorman by profession Dagen McDowell can also be a business reporter at Fox News Channel. She also works as a company specialist at a radio show. Dagen comes from an Irish family and her native area is Verginia. Dagen began her carrier as a journalist of company issues in a news letter. She joined FNC to appear in shows associated with company and additionally is on guest panel for some. She’s an Given guest of a program where all the participants are professional financial expert. She’s continuing her occupation as a guest onwards this year also. They wed in 2012 after an extended courtship. Both of them are in the exact same area and same work place. Even their specialization area can also be same so they are able to support each other readily. She’s fond of racing and a supporter of Washington Redskins. She’s a brother, who lives in Virginia. Dagen is a full time financial analyst for the station and an expert adviser on radio. She must be getting great pay outs. She also composes some paid on-line columns for a web site associated with fiscal issues. Her net worth as computed till date is worth $ five million. An expert of her subject, Dagen has a profound understanding of fiscal problems and working long in the field. She’s a presentable style and at the age she’s in, has kept herself till date. She’s adored and respected due to her thoughts and views she shares with her listeners and observers. She, as all other media folks can be found on internet, Face Book, and Twitter. Her advices on twitter are read by marketplace folks and they can be directed by them.

Birth date: January 7, 1969
Birth place: Brookneal, Campbell County, Virginia, United States
Profession: Journalist, TV Personality, Television presenter, Accountant
Education: Wake Forest University
Nationality: United States
Spouse: Jonas Max Ferris
TV shows: Markets Now
Source: Wikipedia

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