How rich is Chuck Knoblauch?


How rich is Chuck Knoblauch?

Chuck Knoblauch Net Worth:
$22 Million

Chuck Knoblauch Net Worth:

Edward Charles "Chuck" Knoblauch (/ˈnɒblɔːk/; born July 7, 1968) is a retired Major League Baseball player. He played all or part of twelve seasons in the majors, from 1991 until 2002, for the Minnesota Twins (1991–97), New York Yankees (1998–2001) and Kansas City Royals (2002). He played mostly as a second baseman before moving to left field for his last two seasons.
Birth date: July 7, 1968
Birth place: Houston, Texas, United States
Height:5' 9" (1.75 m)
Weight:170 lbs (77.1 kg)
Profession: Baseball player
Education: Texas A&M University
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Cheri Knoblauch (m. 2011–2012), Stacey Victoria Stelmach (m. 2002–2010), Lisa Johnson (m. 1995–1999)
Children: Charleigh Knoblauch, Jake Knoblauch

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