How rich is Christina Crawford?


How rich is Christina Crawford?

Christina Crawford Net Worth:
$5 Million

Christina Crawford Net Worth:

Christina Crawford is an American writer and actress, best known as the author of Mommie Dearest, an autobiographical account of alleged child abuse by her adoptive mother, famous Hollywood actress Joan Crawford.
Birth date: 1939-06-11
Birth place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Profession: Director, Writer, Producer
Nationality: United States
Spouse: Michael Brazzel, David Koontz, Harvey Medlinsky.
Children: Andrew Ansin, James Ansin, Stephanie Ansin
Parents: Phillip Terry, Joan Crawford
Siblings: Christopher Crawford, Cathy Crawford, Cynthia Crawford
Movies: Mommie Dearest, Wild in the Country, Surviving Mommie Dearest, Faces

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