How rich is Christi Paul?


How rich is Christi Paul?

Christi Paul Net Worth:
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Christi Paul is HLN’s weekday’s news anchor and CNN’s New Day weekend anchorman. She began her career in WDTV in West Virginia. She attended Toledo University where she got a degree in the Transmission journalism. She performed National Anthem before the match of Florida Marlins and Atlanta Braves for National Hockey League. She also sung for Atlanta Thrashers and Colorado Avalanche match. For her first husband, she says that she endured mistreatment in his hands and the verbal abuse began from their honeymoon. Since she believed in the sanctity of the union, she attempted to make the union work even when there were verbal assaults and fighting. He constantly told how that she was cheating on. After four years of praying and counselling, she determined to quite. She didn’t want to hurt anymore and she forgave him so he can appreciate the serenity she was feeling. From her violent marriage, she’s written Love Is Not Supposed to Damage. She said that she’s composed the novel not only to tell the girls that they must not be within an abusive marriage but that the guys who are like her ex husband shouldn’t violent their wives. She needs to tell the girls it is not okay to live in violent relationship and that none has been born so that another person can mistreat her. She says the man who mistreats another individual isn’t also good in his turn because he may happen to be damage previously or he could be damaging. He counseled girls to see themselves as God see them but they must not feel unworthy because of what they have been told by the violent man. After getting divorce from her husband, he became kind and respectful and she began to feel safe when she’s with him. After her first marriage, she married Peter and she says that she’s never believed that she can be this happy. They had three kids with him and she guided for everyone who’s damaging to await God’s appointed time. There isn’t any record about how much Christi Paul makes as a wages or how much she’s made for her net worth.

Birth date: January 1, 1969
Birth place: Bellevue, Ohio, USA
Source: Wikipedia

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