How rich is Chris Jansing?


How rich is Chris Jansing?

Chris Jansing Net Worth:
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Christine Jansing works as a news correspondent in America. She’s now the host of Jansing and Company that airs on NBC. The name given to her at the time of her arrival was Christine Kapostasy. Her mom Tily Kapostasy is of Slovakian origin. Her dad Joseph Kapostasy is of Hungarian origin. Chris is the youngest out of twelve kids. Chris entered Otterbein College as a political science major. Chris was soon hooked on journalism and changed her major to air journalism as an alternative to political science. She graduated with bachelors in broadcast journalism in 1978. She married Robert Jansing in 1982. Robert is used as a chemist and runs a chemistry lab. She describes that Jansing is much simpler to pronounce than Kapostasy is. After school Chris got a place as a general assignment reporter for WNYT found in Albany, Ny. Chris also worked as an anchorman at WNYT. She remained with this station for seventeen years. It was during her time only at that station that she won the Emmy for her Olympic Games coverage in 1996. In 1998 Chris changed over and went to work for NBC. She worked as an anchorman and she worked as a reporter for MSNBC. When the Today show has wanted a replacement host to cover someone that’s out Chris has worked within their stead. She’s additionally replaced on the Sunday version of the program of the nightly news by NBC. Since Monday October the fourth of 2010 Chris continues to be hosting Jansing and Company. Richard Lui functions as her in- studio correspondent on Jansing and Company. When Chris cannot be accessible for filming the news program Richard Lui is her replacement host. Chris actually made the people feel and comprehend the circumstances of the starving in Nyc. A city of wealth, and privilege, which is home to many people that would not have food to eat or a place to lay their head at night.

Birth date: 1957-01-30
Spouse: Robert Jansing
Parents: Tilly Kapostasy, Joseph Kapostasy
Source: Wikipedia

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