How rich is Cher Lloyd?


How rich is Cher Lloyd?

Cher Lloyd Net Worth:
$750 Thousand

Cher Lloyd Net Worth:

Cher Lloyd is a British rapper, songwriter as well as an occasional model who first tasted success after finishing fourth in The X-Factor, where she enthralled worldwide audience with her unbelievable singing. Gossips had surfaced back in 2010 during the boot camp of Xfactor as she and fellow contestant Liam Payne appeared to snap immediately and virtually every other contestant believed there was some sort of discharge between them, some were even surprised since neither understood each other before the auditions and had hit away, even before the beginning of the show. Some of them indicated, they quietly even got into an area together and came out red faced, perhaps attempting to conceal something. The event though did not quite continue long. Although the show authorities were strict with the rules that none of the players would be permitted familiarity with each other, the show’s chief seemingly kept quiet, despite understanding about their secret relationship, just as it began. Every other player even got a flavor of what was going on, when the couple allegedly kissed, in front of them! Their mentor on the show, Cheryl Cole was even focused on their performances if they broke up, while the show was still on, contemplating both were only 17-year olds. Nothing of that kind occurred though but their relationship ended fairly shortly due to reasons not quite said. She even made a public statement regarding the exact same about trust being an essential part of relationships and that she’d perhaps require the acceptance of her parents, before getting into a relationship again. Her growing connection to Craig surfaced after quite several rumors indicated the same. It was largely because Monk posted a picture on his twitter report along with Cher with the two being within an embrace indicating their intimacy. One follower had even remarked that Craig was fortunate to have someone like Cher by his side to which Monk had jokingly responded back that Cher believed she was quite fortunate to have Monk. Her growing popularity and her singles topping the charts of nearly every list in the UK compelled her to be determined and preserve secrecy with her relationship with present husband Craig. Their union is reported to be going smoothly so far and one would wonder if it’d continue long considering the long list of connections Cher has had but divorce isn’t expected, at the minute.

Birth date: July 28, 1993 age 21
Birth place: Malvern, United Kingdom
Height:5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession: Rapper, Model, Singer-songwriter
Education: The Chase School, Stagecoach Theatre Arts, Dyson Perrins Church of England Academy, Want U Back, With Ur Love, Swagger Jagger
Nationality: United Kingdom
Spouse: Craig Monk (m. 2013)
Parents: Darren Lloyd, Dina Lloyd, Want U Back, With Ur Love, Swagger Jagger
Siblings: Rosie Lloyd, Josh Lloyd, Sophie Lloyd, Want U Back, With Ur Love, Swagger Jagger
Awards: Radio Disney Music Award for Best Musical Collaboration
Nominations: Radio Disney Music Award for Best Breakup Song, Radio Disney Music Award for Best Female Artist, Radio Disney Music Award for Song of the Year, Radio Disney Music Award for Catchiest New Song, Teen Choice Award for Choice Music – Break-Up Song, Radio Disney Music Award for Funniest Celebrity Take, MTV Video Music Award for Best Lyric Video, Young Hollywood Award for Best Song, Bravo - Super-BFFs, Want U Back, With Ur Love, Swagger Jagger
TV shows: The Xtra Factor
Source: Wikipedia

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