How rich is Cheng Yu-tung?


How rich is Cheng Yu-tung?

Cheng Yu-tung Net Worth:
$14.5 Billion

Cheng Yu-tung Net Worth:

Cheng Yu-tung GBM (simplified Chinese: 郑裕彤; traditional Chinese: 鄭裕彤; pinyin: Zhèng Yùtóng; Jyutping: Cheng6 Yu6 Tung4; born 1925 in Lunjiao, Shunde, Guangdong) is a Hong Kong billionaire with extensive business dealings and real estate interests in both Hong Kong and Macau.
Birth date: August 26, 1925
Death date: September 29, 2016, Hong Kong
Birth place: Shunde District, China
Spouse: ying Chow (m. 1943)
Children: Henry Cheng
Siblings: Cheng Yu-wing, Cheng Yu-pui

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