How rich is Chad Knaus?


How rich is Chad Knaus?

Chad Knaus Net Worth:
$5 Million

Chad Knaus Net Worth:

From truly being a kid, Chad has always adored races. His dad John Knaus inspired Chad to this sport on a regular basis, since he also enjoyed it very much. John participated in distinct races, including Rockford Speedway. Therefore it is not surprisingly, that when Chad Knaus was only 14-year old adolescent, he’s already helped his dad on races. Chad enjoyed most of all to be a crew chief and this his fire turned out as his life course and his profession for the remainder of his life. The contestants of his dad on the races were: Dick Trickle, Alan Kulwicki, Mark Martin and Rusty Wallace. He worked with his dad as a unified team and they nearly won the NASCAR Winston Racing Series and won the Great Northern Series. Their team was excellent, but Chad had to dig out his own path. In 1991 he moved to North Carolina and located a vacancy in national stock car racing. In 1993 Chad Knaus became an overall fabricator and tire changer of No. 24 Hendrick Motorsports team. His rich experience enabled him to grow as a professional, and only in four years his responsibilities contained a lot more, like handling the whole chassis etc. In 1997 he left Hendrick Motorsports and found work in Dale Earnhardt, Inc., where he served as a auto leader. He worked there with an excellent professional race car driver Steve Par. Subsequently in 1999 he joined Tyler Jet Motorsports, where he worked with a fantastic driver Stacy Compton. They reached enormous successes on Daytona 500, and scored in Top 10 of the race. In 2006 eventually Chads and Jimmies attempts were rewarded. In 2007 their success grew dramatically and they won their second NASCAR championship, this time they won ten races. His popularity as a crew chief was so large, that EA Sports requested him to express their video games NASCAR 08 and NASCAR 09. Being a real crew chief, Chad Knaus brought in a fortune. His net worth is about five million dollars. We cant say this is his actual net worth, since his wages not released to the general public. As for his private life, Chad Knaus essentially keeps from the press, but is known, that his wife is a former Miss Sprint Cup Brooke Werner. They participated in February 2015 and wed in August 2015. More about his private life it is possible to learn from his twitter.

Birth date: August 5, 1971
Birth place: Rockford, Illinois, U.S.
Height:1.79 m
Profession: Engineer
Education: Thomas Jefferson High School
Nationality: American
Source: Wikipedia

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