How rich is Bubba Sparxxx?


How rich is Warren Anderson Mathis?

Warren Anderson Mathis Net Worth:

Warren Anderson Mathis Net Worth:

Bubba Sparxxx Net Worth $1.2 Million

Bubba Sparxxx is an American rapper with an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. Produced Warren Anderson Mathis, he afterwards took in the stage name Bubba Sparxxx as it seemed more suitable for his profession. Warren accumulated part of his net worth by releasing hit singles like Back in the Mud, Ms. New Booty and Ugly. He was born in LaGrange in Georgia but afterwards moved to Athens where Bobby Stamps presented Mathis to rap. Stamps finally became business associates with Sparxxx and also began managing him. Initially, Stamps got him work with several musicians in Athens and Atlanta so Bubba Sparxxx could complete his first record. Jimmy Iovine from Interscope Records took notice of Sparxxx’s talent and signed him on so he could work with the likes of Organized Noize and Timbaland. His songs are often played at basketball and football matches in the usa.

Later Sparxxx signed a contract with Virgin Records before creating his own label called New South Entertainment. E1 handles the distribution because of his label currently. Bubba Sparxxx is an American musician who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. Born Warren Anderson Mathis in Troup County, Georgia, in 1977, Bubba Sparxxx started rapping at a young age. He moved to Athens, Georgia, in 1996 where he would continue to meet his future business partner Bobby Stamps. Sparxxx released his first CD independently before signing with Interscope Records and re-releasing “Dark Days, Bright Nights”. It debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, but his follow-up, “Deliverance”, didn’t see as much success. He and DJ Burn One teamed up to collaborate on “Survive Till Ya Thrive” in 2007. His fourth studio album, “Pain Management”, released from New South/E1 Entertainment in late 2013. Sparxxx has released more than a dozen singles during his career. His most popular, “Ms. New Booty” with the Ying Yang Twins and Mr. Collipark, debuted at number seven in the U.S. and afterwards went gold. Sparxxx’s tune “Back in the Mud” was part of an ESPN production for college football. He is made several TV appearances on “My Super Sweet Sixteen” and “Celebrity Rap Superstar”. Sparxxx has traveled overseas to perform for deployed U.S. troops.

Birth date: March 6, 1977
Birth place: LaGrange, Georgia, United States
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.753 m)
Profession: Rapper
Nationality: United States of America
Parents: June Mathis, Jimmy Mathis, Ms. New Booty, Ugly, Country Folks
Record labels: Slumerican New South Entertainment, E1 Entertainment, Backroad Records, Interscope, Universal Records, Virgin, EMI Records, Average Joe's Entertainment, Nocents Records, Yelawolf's Slumerican
Nominations: MTV Video Music Award for Ringtone of the Year, Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist, NME Award for Best Hip Hop Act, Ms. New Booty, Ugly, Country Folks
Movies: Bubba Sparxxx: All Access Pass
TV shows: “My Super Sweet 16”, “Celebrity Rap Superstar”, "VGX Award Show", "Bubba Sparxxx: All Access Pass"