How rich is Bruce Bochy?


How rich is Bruce Douglas Bochy?

Bruce Douglas Bochy Net Worth:
$12 Million

Bruce Douglas Bochy Net Worth:

Bruce Douglas Bochy (/ˈboʊtʃi/; born April 16, 1955) is the manager of the San Francisco Giants. Prior to joining the Giants, Bochy had been the manager of the San Diego Padres for twelve seasons. Bochy is the only former Padres player to serve as the team's manager. He has participated in all five postseason appearances in Padres history, as a backup catcher in 1984 and as their manager in 1996, 1998, 2005, and 2006. In 1998, he led the Padres to their first National League pennant in 14 years; they lost the World Series that year to the New York Yankees. He reached the World Series for a second time in 2010 with the Giants, this time in a winning effort, and brought the first ever World Series Championship home to the city of San Francisco and the first for the Giants since 1954. He reached the World Series for the third time in 2012, also with the Giants. The Giants won the 2012 World Series in the 10th inning 4-3 over the Detroit Tigers in a 4 game sweep. He reached the World Series for a fourth time in 2014. He is both the first foreign-born manager to reach the World Series (1998) and the first European-born manager to win the World Series (2010). On July 23, 2013, he became the 21st manager with 1,500 wins. He is often credited for bringing the San Francisco Giants out of their losing years and becoming a playoff contender.
Birth date: April 16, 1955
Birth place: Landes de Boussac, Busssac-Forêt, France
Height:6' 4" (1.93 m)
Weight:93 kg
Profession: Coach, Baseball player
Education: Florida State University
Spouse: Kim Seib
Children: Brett Bochy, Greg Bochy
Parents: Gus Bochy, Melrose Bochy
Siblings: Terry Bochy, Joe Bochy
Source: Wikipedia

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