How rich is Brian Rolston?


How rich is Brian Rolston?

Brian Rolston Net Worth:
$36 Million

Brian Rolston Net Worth:

Brian Lee Rolston (born February 21, 1973) is a retired American professional ice hockey player. He most recently played for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League. He won a Stanley Cup championship with the New Jersey Devils in 1995, and the World Cup of Hockey in 1996 playing for Team USA. Rolston has represented the United States of America three times in Olympic competition for ice hockey. In the Salt Lake City Olympics of 2002, he won the Silver Medal. Rolston was born in Flint, Michigan, but grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan.Brian has four sons, Ryder Scott, Brody, Stone and Zane. His older brother is Ron Rolston, who is the former coach of the Buffalo Sabres. Rolston has been a resident of Traverse City, Michigan.
Birth date: 1973-02-21
Profession: Producer, Writer
Education: Lake Superior State University
Nationality: American
Spouse: Jennifer Scott Rolston
Children: Brody Rolston, Zane Rolston, Stone Rolston, Ryder Scott Rolston
Siblings: Ron Rolston
Source: Wikipedia

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