How rich is Bobby Byrd?


How rich is Bobby Byrd?

Bobby Byrd Net Worth:
$10 Million

Bobby Byrd Net Worth:

Bobby Howard Byrd (August 15, 1934 – September 12, 2007), better known as Bobby Byrd, was an American R&B/soul singer, songwriter, bandleader, talent scout, record producer, and musician, who played an integral and important part in the development of soul and funk music in association with James Brown. Byrd began his career in 1952 as member of the gospel group the Gospel Starlighters, who later changed their name to the Avons in 1953 and the Five Royals in 1954, before settling with the name the Flames in 1955 prior to Brown joining the group with their agent later changing it to The Famous Flames. Byrd was the actual founder of The Flames, and is the man credited with the discovery of James Brown. As one of the longest-serving members of the group, he was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame posthumously in 2012. Byrd was also a 1998 recipient of the Rhythm and Blues Foundation's Pioneer Award. Throughout, Byrd helped to inspire the musical aspirations of James Brown, who launched his career with Byrd.
Birth date: 14 August 1934, in Toccoa, Georgia, USA
Death date: 2007-09-12
Birth place: Toccoa, Georgia, USA
Profession: American R&B/soul singer, songwriter, record producer, musician
Education: American University, Marshall University, Mountain State University, Washington College of Law, Concord University, University of Charleston, George Washington University Law School
Nationality: American
Spouse: Vicki Anderson, Gail Byrd
Children: Carleen Anderson
Siblings: Sarah Byrd
Awards: Rhythm and Blues Foundation Pioneer Award (1998)
Movies: The T.A.M.I. Show · Live at the Boston Garden: April 5, 1968,
Source: Wikipedia

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