How rich is Bob Schieffer?


How rich is Bob Schieffer?

Bob Schieffer Net Worth:
$10 Million

Bob Schieffer Net Worth:

The 79 year old anchor and journalist was given birth to in town of Austin which will be found in Texas, United States of America. Bob Schieffer was born to Gladys and John Emitt Schieffer. He grew up in Texas and attended the North Side High School. He also attended the Texas Christian University. In the Year 1973, Bob Schieffer anchored the news program on the evenings of Sunday to the year 1997. He’s since then worked as an anchorman for tv shows for quite a long time. He was also the anchorman on the evenings of Saturday to the year in the year 1977 to the year 1996. He served as a correspondent in the CBS White House in the year 1974 to the year 1979 and the Pentagon in the year 1970 to the year 1974. The first program of Schieffer after Dan Rather seen 200,000 new audience. In addition, it raised the evaluations of the news. His last program for the evening news of CBS was on the 31st of August on the year 2006. On the 8th of April, 2015, Schieffer retired after truly being a journalist for 52 years. He worked with the CBS for 46 years. The last broadcase he made was as Face of the Country moderator on the 31st of May, 2015. In 2013, he was recorded in the Hall of Fame of Television Academy. Bob Schieffer wrote 3 books during his journalist profession. Tom Schieffer has constantly being interested in truly being a songwriter. He yet began working with Washington and New York musicians, composing songs for them. His latest attempts have led to 4 tunes being released by Honky Tonk Confidential which appeared on their record. Bob Schieffer is Tom Shieffers elder brother. He also has an older sister named Sharon Schieffer Moyes. Their union is blessed with 2 girls. In the year 2003, Bob was found to be affected by a level III cancer of the bladder. He was nevertheless declared free from cancer in the year 2004. He was additionally found to be experiencing diabetes. He’s estimated to have a net worth of $10 million.

Birth date: February 25, 1937
Birth place: Austin, Texas, United States
Profession: Journalist
Education: Texas Christian University
Nationality: American
Spouse: Patricia Schieffer
Parents: Gladys Payne, John E. Schieffer
Siblings: Tom Schieffer, Sharon Schieffer Mayes
Awards: News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding News Discussion & Analysis
Nominations: News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story – Long Form, News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing
TV shows: Face the Nation, CBS Evening News
Source: Wikipedia

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