How rich is Bob Beckel?


How rich is Bob Beckel?

Bob Beckel Net Worth:
$10 Million

Bob Beckel Net Worth:

Robert "Bob" Gilliland Beckel (born November 15, 1948) is an American political pundit and former political operative. He is an analyst on the Fox News Channel, where he co-hosts The Five. He is also a columnist for USA Today where he writes articles with friend and political opposite Cal Thomas in the style of "point–counterpoint".
Birth date: 1948-11-15
Birth place: New York City
Profession: Journalist, Columnist, Television presenter, Commentator, Political analyst, Educator
Education: Wagner College in Staten Island, George Washington University,
Nationality: United States
Spouse: Leland Beckel
Children: Alec Beckel
Parents: Cambridge Graham Beckel Jr., Ellen Gilliland Beckel,
Siblings: Graham Beckel, brother
TV shows: The Five
Source: Wikipedia

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