How rich is Bo Burnham?


How rich is Bo Burnham?

Bo Burnham Net Worth:
$3.5 Million

Bo Burnham Net Worth:

Bo Burnham Net Worth $4 Million

An American comic, singer songwriter, musician, performer and Internet star, ‘Robert Pickering Bo Burnham’ was born on August 21, 1990. After he signed four record deals with all the Comedy Central Records. He released his second record in 2010. Burnham’s first comedy special was aired live on Comedy Central. With his incredible ability, he earned enormous fan following on Vine. In 2013, he released his third album and second humor specific ‘What.,’. He released it on his YouTube Station and Netfix. The truth is, he was put at first in voting of 2011’s Comedy Central Stand-up Showdown. In 2013, he released his first book of poetry titled ‘Egghead: Or, You Can Not Survive on Thoughts Alone’.

Bo Burnham said that 2006 is the start of his musical comedy career. He debuted with first tunes about teen angst to fellow thespians of high school. He’s performed his musical concerts throughout America. In the year 2009, he starred in a NBC situation comedy ‘Yo Educate!.’.

BO Burnham has got both acknowledgement and riches from his musical profession. It is unbelievable to realize such acknowledgement in the age of 23. As of 2014, he’s collected entire net worth sum of $3.5 million. He’s brought in all his net worth from his satirical and politically contentious tunes which was found on YouTube.

Birth date: August 21, 1990
Birth place: Hamilton, Massachusetts, United States
Height:6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Profession: Actor, Singer-songwriter, Comedian, Rapper, Musician, Screenwriter
Education: St. John's Preparatory School
Nationality: United States of America
Parents: Patricia Burnham, Scott Burnham
Siblings: Pete Burnham, Samm Burnham
Nominations: Goodreads Choice Awards Best Poetry
Movies: Bo Burnham: Make Happy, Adventures in the Sin Bin, Hall Pass, American Virgin, Funny People, Bo Burnham: what., Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words
TV shows: Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous
Books: Egghead, Untitled Burnham 1 Of 1

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