How rich is Birgit Rausing?


How rich is Birgit Rausing?

Birgit Rausing Net Worth:
$13 Billion

Birgit Rausing Net Worth:

Shaunie O'Neal (born Va’Shaundya Karlette Nelson; November 27, 1974 in Wichita Falls, Texas) She was raised in Los Angeles, California, US. She is the executive producer of VH-1’s reality TV series, Basketball Wives, and is the ex-wife of NBA center, Shaquille O’Neal. Formerly a film marketer, O'Neal is, as of May 2012, a TV personality and producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mother of five children.
Birth date: October 15, 1976
Birth place: Sweden
Height:1.73 m
Profession: Art Historian
Nationality: Sweden
Spouse: Joe Buck
Movies: Alice in Wasteland, Any Given Sunday, Throttle
Source: Wikipedia

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