How rich is August Alsina?


How rich is August Alsina?

August Alsina Net Worth:
$4 Million

August Alsina Net Worth:

August Alsina Net Worth $4 Million

This had not been the first time YouTube has helped detect talent also it certainly will not be the last, but before you start praising the video streaming service remembers it gave us Justin Biebertoo. August Alsina was born and bought up in Louisiana and he watched his dad struggle drugs. It was obviously not a financially secure dwelling but it surely set an aspiration in youthful August’s mind to go ahead and achieve something in life. August has started touring round America and has composed a deal to travel to 40 destinations at the moment, he can pull in close to $14,000 per show of the tour.

The star could be roaming in some expensive cars at the moment but all that belongs to the record label so in reality he’s practically nothing of his own at the moment. After he was detected through YouTube he released his own Mixtape in 2012, his music fundamentally channels all his power and despair about his life and life in general, getting an incredible number of fans on to follow his lead in the music world. Making his first Million from his Wages This youthful Singer has penned his past into his music and individuals adore what he has to say, that’s why his Debut Album ‘Account’ Released in 2014 got fans jumping for the Albums. So far it’s sold a lot more than a 100,000 copies even putting him on the top charts.

August adores the music he makes and therefore his relationship with His record label is something he takes seriously and Def Jam Records has done a terrific job in boosting this young talent. In 2012 he signed an agreement for $3 Million where he’d produce 5 studio albums so we are sure that he is going to get more chances at doing what he does best. Though August is comparatively new to the celebrity scene he is certainly making an impact rather than by fancy automobiles for that matter so this 21 year old star deserve a lot of admiration.

August Alsina has worked his way from lowly and tragic starts in New Orleans to performing sold out shows in London, NY, Los Angeles and Toronto. His approach to the top looked almost impossible with adversities and family problems which could have ruined him. But the youthful vocalist has put his pain and life to pen and paper and expressed his vulnerability to millions on his records. It’s his singing style and truthfulness in tunes that’s gotten to the center of listeners. Not to mention his good looks and tatted up chest that’s keeping countless thousands of female fans following him on instagram.

He lost his debut album Testimony in 2014. When most artist fail to get a record off the shelf August has demonstrated his worth and potential to Def Jam records. Testimony debuted at number 2 to the Billboard 200 selling 67,000 copies the first week. Testimony has sold over 100,000 copies. Most artist signed an important deal worth $3 million for 5 albums in the year 2012.

With adequate album sales and downloads it is his continuous touring that’s August Alsina getting mad money. Alsina earns $15,000 per show during his present headlining tour. As a result of his popularity Alsina has been compared to R&B vocalist Trey Songz. The two declared they were lovers of every other before a rumored beef ignited. Although August is named after his daddy he grew up together with his father raising him. He acts as a father figure and fiscal supplier to his brother’s children who he moved to Atlanta with him. He had an older brother who seemed similar to him. He passed away from a gun shot wound when he was 25 years old. Alsina dropped out of high school and moved to Houston Texas to escape a scenario at home. Alsina had trouble with his step father who was a drug addict. He also asserts after the death of a close friend it sent him into an emotional rage which lead to the endless fighting with his step father. He had an awkward relationship with his mother.

Birth date: September 3, 1992 age 22
Birth place: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Height:183 cm
Profession: Singer, Songwriter
Nationality: United States of America
Parents: August Alsina Sr.
Siblings: Melvin La'Branch III
Awards: BET Award for Best New Artist, BET Award for Viewer's Choice, No Love, I Luv This Shit, Song Cry
Nominations: BET Award for Best Collaboration, BET Award for Best Male R&B/Pop Artist, Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist, No Love, I Luv This Shit, Song Cry
Albums: Testimony, Downtown