How rich is Audrey Puente?


How rich is Audrey Puente?

Audrey Puente Net Worth:
$3 Million

Audrey Puente Net Worth:

She’s three kids with him. She once said that her union was wavering after the arrival of her first daughter. Matters were upside down and she handled everything in cooperation with her husband. She speaks a lot about him. She once talked about how Jay and she attempted to discuss the selection of piercing her daughter’s ear. It was said that Jay never needed to do and he simply nodded for the benefit of his wife. Yet, after the piercing, he adored the thought. There were several rumors about them becoming split. There were several distinct rationales given for the same, including infidelity to reciprocal understanding. One gossip affirmed they got split because Jay was envious of her popularity and her livelihood increase. It was said that she was making more income than him and so, it aggravated the situation. This gossip failed to continue long. She once said he was really encouraging of her profession and therefore, it was regarded as a gossip. One gossip after the other surfaced and folks began questioning if there was actually an issue between them. Their silence agitated a few more gossips but the rumors expired shortly. They never filed for a divorce nor did any of the close buddies said talk about any long term discussions, mistakes, matters or violence between them. Audrey was never even rumored with an extramarital relationship with a secret boyfriend. There were no images of Jay with another girl who can be labeled as his secret girlfriend. Audrey, occasionally, talks about her relationship with Jay and her three kids. Jay has been never accessible for any opinions. He always kept a space in the media and never shared the screen with Audrey. So, all the info that can be gathered about their relationship would be from Audrey. They are not said to be in any known unique relationship with another man before they got married. With the present lifestyle, they might never come to understand about it. There are several sources online that have the wedding pictures of Audrey and Jay. It was a quiet and private service and they didn’t need to bring people to it. She keeps her kids far from the media. Exactly the same applies to her married life also.

Birth date: March 3, 1970
Birth place: New York City, New York, United States
Profession: Meteorologist, Businessperson, Newscaster
Education: Syracuse University
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Jay Thompson (m. 2004)
Children: Mateo Jay Thompson, Lola Jaye Thompson, Santana Thompson
Parents: Margaret Asencio, Tito Puente
Siblings: Tito Puente, Jr., Richard Puente
Source: Wikipedia

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