How rich is Antti Herlin?


How rich is Antti Herlin?

Antti Herlin Net Worth:
$3.2 Billion

Antti Herlin Net Worth:

Antti Herlin is the current and fourth Chairman of the Board of the Finnish KONE Corporation. He is the son of Pekka Herlin, also former chairman of the board of KONE. He is also the former chairman of the Confederation of Finnish Industries. Antti Herlin owns a farm in Kirk...
Birth date: November 14, 1956
Birth place: Finland
Education: Aalto University School of Business
Nationality: Finnish
Spouse: Tina Herlin
Children: Jussi Herlin, Anna Herlin, Iiris Herlin, Emma Herlin
Parents: Pekka Herlin

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