How rich is Antoine Dodson?


How rich is Antoine Dodson?

Antoine Dodson Net Worth:
$50 Thousand

Antoine Dodson Net Worth:

Antoine Dodson Net Worth $50 Thousand

Antoine Dodson is an American web star, singer, and performer that has a net worth of $50 thousand dollars. Kevin Antoine Dodson was born in Chicago, Illinois in June 1986. In July 2010 he was interviewed by means of a reporter after an intruder broke into his sister’s second-story bedroom and tried to rape her. The interview became popular and had mixed reactions. The video of the interview went viral and divine remixes. There was even a punk rock version done by members of the groups Paramore, New Found Glory, and Relient K. Dodson began a web site requiring gifts to move his family out of the neighborhood and setting up a basis for Type 1 Diabetes. Dodson gave a live performance with The Gregory Brothers in the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards. In 2010 the tune was the most seen YouTube video not counting leading label music videos. He’s scheduled to do voice work in a upcoming show for the Cartoon Network. He’s sold tshirts and sold costumes as well as a smartphone program. In 2011 he was detained for twice for cannabis possession and breaking a noise ordinance. He got married and wife declared she was pregnant in September 2013.

The tune was a tremendous success and eventually reached number 89 on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. On the program, Dodson’s YouTube video was called “among the most saw on-line videos ever,” with the hosts noting it’d recently been seen more than 16 million times as of that date. Dodson has done radio shows in Australia, has supporters in London and is now broadly recognized in his hometown of Huntsville

Birth date: June 27, 1986
Birth place: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Profession: Singer
Education: Virginia College
Nationality: American
Children: JaCobie Dodson
Siblings: Kelly Dodson
Movies: , A Madea Christmas, Dr Fubalous
TV shows: Dr Fubalous

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