How rich is Annette O’toole?


How rich is Annette O'Toole?

Annette O'Toole Net Worth:
$4.5 Million

Annette O'Toole Net Worth:

Annette O'Toole is an American actress, dancer, and singer-songwriter. She is most recently known for portraying Martha Kent, the mother of Clark Kent on the television series Smallville.
Birth date: 1980-07-28
Birth place: Denver, Colorado, U.S.
Weight:64 kg
Profession: Professional Boxer
Nationality: American
Spouse: Michael McKean (m. 1999), Bill Geisslinger (m. 1983–1993)
Children: Nell Geisslinger, Anna Geisslinger
Parents: Ron Cisneros
Music groups: Us the Duo
Nominations: Academy Award for Best Original Song

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