How rich is Anna Kournikova?


How rich is Anna Kournikova?

Anna Kournikova Net Worth:
$50 Million

Anna Kournikova Net Worth:

Anna Kournikova Net Worth $50 Million

Anna Kournikova is the name of the well-known tennis player who’s symbolized as a mark of gorgeousness and fascination. Now, she’s a retired professional who’d been a successful player in tennis world. Inspite of her every time failure in the singles, she own the 8th position amongst the world top tennis players. Anna Kournikova deadly appeal is regarded as a key to the glamor business but as per the critics review on her performance she is regarded as the largest loser in the sport heritage.

Anna being a star of double has being covering enormous sum as prize for the matches in her tennis career as well as her double partner Martina Hingis. During her modelling career, she was bestowed with among the very favourable deal based on her functionality assigned by ADIDAS brand for a signing amount of $50 Million. Let have a look to the gross income that she’s till datemade from her versatile abilities as a tennis player, model and athlete are recorded below: Tennis matches $3.5 million Double tennis hit show. Endorsement $15 million Modelling for different brands like Multiway Sports Bra , Charles-Schwab , Lycos, XSN Sports, Omega Watches Yonex Racquets And Pegasus Mobile Phones, ADIDAS branding $50 Million Modelling assignment.

Anna Kournikova is concerned name opinion the double tennis tournament, she’s accommodated to lead a luxurious life in the lavish mansion residing in sundown location situated on the side of hip and refreshing Miami Island found in the posh property of Florida. The villa is adorned with all the high lifted 7 large bedroom and 8 contemporary bathroom. The house was spread within an empty space of 6,630 sq. ft. And, in the bedroom that can get a clear view of the entire seashore and boasted using a beautiful architected guest house and resting quarter for the servant. The estates appear enormous and fair deal with its large green trees all rounds and the wooden work in the interior.

Fleet of her choice means the perfect mixture of attractiveness, horsepower along with refined taste of inside. Hence, she like to drive in her absolutely incorporated black metallic coloured Cadillac Escalade which is generally accepted as the lavish auto in the SUV series model that’s just matchless to other celeb comfy ride. But normally for a space ride she loves to go around the whole world on her private jet as her most luxurious ride.

She is a fantastic philanthropist by heart and for that reason loves to do something good for the humankind. And it was really very peculiar, when put up her distressed panty and bra in the marketplace for sell for philanthropist goal and it was purchased by among the well-known businessman of Arab at a rate of $30000.

Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova was born on June 7, 1981 in Moscow, Russia (once the Soviet Union). Kournikova’s parents were both accomplished athletes; her father was a former Greco Wrestling Champ and her mother a runner. She was given her first racquet at the age of 5 but failed to pursue the sport vigorously for another couple of years when she displayed signs of actual ability. She began playing and triumphing in junior tournaments at the age of 8 and two years later she signed a management deal to attend Nick Bollettieri’s tennis academy in Florida. Kournikova’s profile grew instantly and at 14 she won the European Championships, the Italian Open and the famous Junior Orange Bowl tournament.

In precisely the same age, she entered her first professional event, playing the Fed Cup for Russia at 14 and becoming the youngest player ever to play and win. Another year kournikova turned pro and won a few of lower-grade tournaments and reached her first doubles final in a WTA event. The following year was even more remarkable as Kournikova reached the fourth round in the U.S. Open and represented Russia in the Atlanta Olympics. She ended 1996 ranked in the top 100 and in 1997 she reached the semifinals at Wimbledon, only the second girls to reach that phase in her advent. Kournikova’s impressive beginning to her career continued in 1998 as she broke to the top 20 and reached the finals of her first WTA event, losing to Venus Williams in Miami. Prior to the end of the decade, she would continue to play well at Grand Slams and reached her second final, again losing. In doubles, kournikova won two Grand Slam tournaments.

Injuries cut short Kournikova’s career. Despite that, Kournikova’s good looks would catapult her to world visibility making her one of the very most marketable woman on the planet. She appeared in numerous high-profile magazines, including Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, was a constant fixture at celebrity events, dated celebs and athletes and began sponsorship deals with a number of the largest brands in the world. She has appeared in everything from music videos and movies and her relationships became fodder for paparazzi. She’s been in a long-term relationship with singer Enrique Iglesias since 2001.

Birth date: June 7, 1981
Birth place: Moscow, Russia
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight:123 lbs (56 kg)
Profession: Model, Tennis player, Athlete
Nationality: Russia
Partner: Enrique Iglesias (2001–)
Spouse: Sergei Fedorov (m. 2001–2003)
Parents: Alla Kournikova, Sergei Kournikov
Siblings: Allan Kournikova
Movies: A Date With Anna: The Making of the Anna Kournikova Calendar, Coach: Nick Bollettieri
TV shows: The Biggest Loser