How rich is Anna Davlantes?


How rich is Anna Davlantes?

Anna Davlantes Net Worth:
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She’d won regional Emmy Award for five times and this consists of Emmy for Get Into the Shark Tank. She’s seasoned diver and she hosted and additionally produced the High Definition documentary for submerged world and this called for to swim with the sharks. She went back to the native Chicago when she worked for the ABC affiliate TV called WPTA TV in the Fort Wayne region of Indiana. She was the main anchor of Fox Station KRIV in the Houston. Exposure of powder puff hazing occasion of Glenbrook North High school, led to the national hazing reforms. She appeared at The Oprah Winfrey Show where she was speaking on the issue of the youth hazing. In 2005, Anna Davlantes was exposing the gang bullying of the Bridgeview in Illinois and she was endangered while investigating this occasion. With her expertise in diving, she managed to record, Get into the Shark Tank and it aired at NBC Chicago. The documentary took place mainly in submerged of a shark tank at Shedd Aquarium. She was accredited to have the first submerged live opportunity at local newscast. MSNBC and CNN also requested her to make the news show in the past year. It has additionally been reported that she may anchor the midday with five news at Fox Chicago. She works with Chris Meyer who’s in the News Manager and they were collectively on NBC5. Anna Davlantes ceased to work for Fox Chicago in 2013 when the contract she’d got expired. Anna Davlantes is married and the wedding occurred in 2011 after relationship for sometime. She’s appealing and she constantly seems wonderful in any ensemble she’s on. Individuals can get entry to her biography online and at her age she’s capable to inspire many folks and this can be revealed by the amount of the fans that follow her on social media.

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