How rich is Andy Bell?


How rich is Andy Bell?

Andy Bell Net Worth:
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Andy Bell Net Worth:

Andrew Ivan "Andy" Bell (born 25 April 1964) is the lead singer of the English synthpop duo Erasure. He also has a solo career, with the albums Non-Stop and Electric Blue.
Birth date: April 25, 1964
Birth place: Peterborough, England, UK
Profession: Cinematographer, Camera Department, Director
Nationality: English
Record labels: Mute Records, Sanctuary Records Group
Music groups: Erasure
Movies: Erasure: The Tank, the Swan and the Balloon: Live, Erasure: On the Road to Nashville, Merchants of Venus, Global Addiction, Thrillbillies Double Wide, Oasis: Morning Glory: Classic Album Under Review, Freeride Revolution, Erasure: Live at Royal Albert Hall, Erasure Sanctuary: The EIS Christmas Concert 2002
TV shows: Nitro Circus

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