How rich is Andrew Shue?


How rich is Andrew Shue?

Andrew Shue Net Worth:
$100 Million

Andrew Shue Net Worth:

Andrew Eppley Shue is an American actor and cofounder of Cafemom, a networking site. Andrew has been married twice and now presently, he resides with his wife, Amy Robach of ABC News. His relationship with Jennifer finished in 2008 in divorce. This finished 14 years of married life for Andrew. Amy was also married before and got split from her husband in 2008. She’s two daughters from her first married life. In one interview, he said that Amy is the most joyful man he’s ever seen and she’s very intelligent. Andrew was never part of any intimate scandal or other extramarital gossips. Amy was rumored that she had a secret boyfriend which lead to the closing of the first married life. As a result of no real evidence against Amy, the gossip died away. The gossip failed to have any sway on Andrew and Amy’s life. She began dating Andrew before she divorced her ex husband. Shortly after the news of breast cancer spread, there were gossips about Andrew and Amy becoming distinguished. There are not any gossips about any secret girlfriend or love story scandals around Andrew during his acting as well as his football days. Amy is also off the display from all sorts of gossips. Their married life is simple, with no indications of separation. Most of his success was through his networking website compared to his performing career. He also made a small fortune, during his football reign. Shue and Amy met each other through their common friends. The details about their dating life and how he proposed Amy are unavailable to the general public. In regards to his previous relationship life, the first relationship encounter when he was playing in Melrose Place was with Thorne Smith. The pair also acted as an intimate couple in Melrose Place. There’s no info as why Shue and Thorne Smith got break. Exactly the same goes for Shue and Jennifer also. Shue talks really less about his private life to the media. He never talked about how he directs his family or his link with his step daughters. There are not any details about his link with Jennifer. His sons attended his wedding with Jennifer and therefore, it’s considered the separation wasn’t an unpleasant one. He once said that he’s 5 children and his family is too large for parting.

Birth date: February 20, 1967
Birth place: Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession: Actor, Football player, Entrepreneur, co-founder of the social networking website CafeMom, Former Regional All America Soccer player
Education: Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, Dartmouth College
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Amy Robach (m. 2010-), Jennifer Hageney (m. 1994–2008)
Children: Nathaniel William Shue
Parents: Anne Harms, James Shue
Siblings: Elisabeth Shue, William Shue
Movies: “Melrose Place” (1992-1999), “The Rainmaker” (2007), “Gracie” (2007), "Mad Life", "American Shaolin" (1991)
TV shows: Melrose Place
Source: Wikipedia

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