How rich is Allison Melnick?


How rich is Allison Melnick?

Allison Melnick Net Worth:
$11.5 Million

Allison Melnick Net Worth:

Allison Melnick Net Worth $11.5 Million

Allison Melnick is an American socialite, pub proprietor and reality TV star, fashion design and contains a net worth of $11.5 million. Allison Melnick has earned her net worth as a pub owner and appearing on distinct reality shows. She’s drawn to the music, fashion, and urban energy of narratives about Manhattan clubs. She’s a nightclub promoter and professional “party girl “as well as a reality TV participant. She started her career as a door girl in a nearby ny club, where she first met Paris Hilton. She’s friends with Paris Hilton and is an important player in the Los Angeles night life scene. In 2000, Melnick spent two years with Bad Boy Entertainment at the label’s advertising department. In 2004 she was cast in the shortlived SpikeTV reality show The Club. She immediately started to hone her promotional abilities and fast became an expert in social networking and nightclub management. She moved to Los Angeles and worked as a club advocate until starting her own tavern the Apple Lounge in 2008, which can be in the basement of the Apple restaurant.

Allison Melnick is now working on opening an additional cocktail lounge. She’s one of the most famous party promoters on the scene, organizing with nightclubs from Concorde to Nacional, in addition to exclusive occasions for the Grammys. Bad is currently a part of the Oxygen reality series, which can be The World According to Paris. She is viewed as part of Hilton’s entourage. Bad intends to expand on her passion for music with handpicked deejays spinning “old school hip-hop, disco, and old classic rock ‘n’ roll. Allison Melnick was born June 4, 1971 in Queens, New York. She is happily single and hosting three parties a week, which can be featured on Paris’ new reality TV show The World According to Paris.

American socialite and party coordinator, Allison Melnick comes with an estimated net worth of $11.5 Million. Lured to the music, trend, and urban energy of stories about Manhattan clubs like the Limelight and the Palladium, Allison Melnick scored her first nightclub job when she was pulled from a velvet-rope line one night and offered an opportunity to work. The native of Queens, N.Y., instantly began to hone Allison’s promotional abilities and instantly became an expert in social networking and nightclub management.

While working at several of New York’s most popular nightclubs and lounges, Allison graduated from Parsons School of Design and took a job with trend icon Betsey Johnson as an accessories designer. After four years with Johnson, Allison went into public relations, helping produce runway shows and special events to get A-list designers and celebs. In 2000, Allison spent two years with Bad Boy Entertainment in the label’s promotion department, launching brands, creating buzz and arranging record release parties.

She took a position with well known Hollywood promoter Brent Bolthouse (of Foyer and Privilege recognition). In Los Angeles, Allison again worked her magic, becoming one of the best known party advocates on the scene, coordinating with clubs from Concorde to Nacional, in addition to exclusive occasions for the Grammys and Hollywood’s largest night – the Oscars. Allison started the Apple Lounge in la in 2008 and is opening her second lounge.

Birth date: June 3, 1971
Birth place: United States of America