How rich is Allegra Versace?


How rich is Allegra Versace?

Allegra Versace Net Worth:
$900 Million

Allegra Versace Net Worth:

Allegra Versace Net Worth $800 Million

She’s rolled up her net worth from her multi sector which she continues to be managing since long time. She’s the niece of renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace. After Gianni was killed in 1997 by a deranged fan, Allegra inherited a 50% ownership position on earth renowned Versace fashion conglomerate. Allegra was eleven years of age during the time of her uncle’s tragic homicide. Allegra was immediately worth countless millions of dollars, on paper. Because she was just 11 years old, the organization continues to be directed for the past decade by Donatella as well as the uncle Santo Versace. Allegra has spent much time actively learning the intricacies of the family businesses and is beginning to take an infinitely more important function as she enters her 30s. She now is a board member of Versace.

Allegra has spent the last 15 years because the homicide employed as a pupil and aspiring performer. She attended Brown University , and it has tried to keep a low profile. Allegra Versace has openly battled anorexia sometimes before, which can be likely clear taking into consideration the limelight and world she grew up under. She sought treatment for the illness at least once and continues to be an outspoken nominee on the issue ever since. Today she divides her time between residences in NYC, Milan, and La. In early 2014, Versace the business is anticipated to sell a 20% stake into a private equity firm. The investment will value Versace at about $1.6 billion. Later, Allegra’s 50% position is likely to be worth $800 million. The purpose of the deal will be to raise capital that will enable Versace to enlarge their brand farther ahead of an anticipated Initial Public Offering in the future.

Birth date: June 30, 1986
Birth place: Milan, Italy
Height:1.65 m
Profession: Dresser
Education: University of California, Los Angeles, Brown University
Nationality: Italy
Parents: Paul Beck, Donatella Versace
Siblings: Daniel Versace

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