How rich is Alan Hamel?


How rich is Alan Hamel?

Alan Hamel Net Worth:
$100 Million

Alan Hamel Net Worth:

Alan Hamel (born June 30, 1936) is a Canadian entertainer and television host, who was a co-host of a Canadian children's television show called Razzle Dazzle from 1961 to 1964. The show featured a talking turtle named Howard.Hamel was born in Toronto, Ontario. He attended the television arts programme at Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1954 but never graduated. In the late 1960s he hosted two syndicated game shows which aired on all the ABC owned and operated TV stations as well as others: Wedding Party (1968); and Anniversary Game (1969), where he first met Suzanne Somers, whom he married in 1977. In the late 1970s, he hosted The Alan Hamel Show, a popular daytime talk show on Canadian TV, and was the television spokesman for the Alpha Beta grocery stores in California and its sister chain Acme in the Northeast. Somers recently made the news by declaring on The View that she and Hamel have sex several times a day.
Birth date: June 30, 1936
Birth place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Profession: Entertainer
Education: Ryerson University
Nationality: Canadian
Spouse: Suzanne Somers (m. 1977), Marilyn Hamel (m. ?–1977)
Children: Stephen Hamel, Leslie Hamel, Leslie Hammel
TV shows: Razzle Dazzle, Anniversary Game, Nightcap
Source: Wikipedia

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