How rich is Akiane Kramarik?


How rich is Akiane Kramarik?

Akiane Kramarik Net Worth:
$2 Million

Akiane Kramarik Net Worth:

Template:Multiple issuesAkiane Kramarik (/æ?ki?ænæ/; born July 9, 1994) is an American poet and artist. She is known as a child prodigy and has begun drawing at the age of four. Kramarik is world-renowned for her paintings, but especially for her piece, Prince of Peace which was completed at the age of eight.
Birth date: July 9, 1994
Birth place: Mt. Morris, Illinois, USA
Profession: Miscellaneous Crew
Nationality: American
Parents: Mark Kramarik, Forelli Kramarik
Source: Wikipedia

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