How rich is Adel Emam?


How rich is Adel Emam?

Adel Emam Net Worth:
$100 Million

Adel Emam Net Worth:

Joyce Melissa "Meli'sa" Morgan (born December 6, 1964) is an American R&B/Soul singer–songwriter. Morgan had a string of urban contemporary and house music hits starting the mid–1980s through the mid–1990s. Morgan most notable songs includes her cover version of Prince's "Do Me, Baby" (1985),"Do You Still Love Me" (1986) and "Still in Love With You" (1992). Born in Queens, New York, Morgan got her start in the music industry while singing with a church gospel choir called the Starlets of Corona. Morgan cites Chaka Khan as a major influence.
Birth date: 1940-05-17
Death date: 2009-12-09
Birth place: Queens, New York City, New York, U.S.
Height:1.7 m
Profession: Comedian, Actor
Education: Cairo University
Nationality: Egyptian
Spouse: Hala Al Shalaqani
Children: Mohamed Imam, Ramy Emam, Rami Imam, Sarah Emam, Ahmed Awad
Siblings: Iman Imam, Esam Imam
Movies: Al Halfout, The Beggar, Bobbos, Elwad mahrous betaa alwazir, Hello America, Al-mouled, Terrorism and Kebab, The Embassy in the Building, Al-Irhabi, The Danish Experience, A Groom from the Security Entity, Alzheimer's, Morgan Ahmed Morgan, Al-Mashbouh, The Street Player, Bakhit and Adeela, Watch Out from Alkhot, Toyour elzalam, The Yacoubian Building, Bakhit and Adeela 2, Hassan and Marcus, Hanafy the Wonderful, Happy Marriage, Where Do You Hide the Sun?
TV shows: El Arraf, Naji Attallah's Squad, Ahlam Alfata Altair, Dumou Fi Oyoun Waqiha, How to Lose a Million Pounds
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