How rich is Abdullah the Butcher?


How rich is Lawrence Shreeve?

Lawrence Shreeve Net Worth:
$2 Million

Lawrence Shreeve Net Worth:

Lawrence Robert "Larry" Shreve (born January 11, 1941) is a semi-retired Canadian professional wrestler better known by his ringname Abdullah the Butcher, also known as the Madman from The Sudan based on where his character was from in storyline. Shreve has a reputation for being involved in some of the most violent, bloody hardcore wrestling matches of all time.One of Shreve's trademarks is a series of divot-like scars on his head that he has due to excessive use of razor blades during his career. The scars are so deep that, according to Mick Foley, Shreve was able to put gambling chips into them. Foley said Shreve would do this at casinos to get a rise out of patrons.An amateur martial artist, Shreve also has knowledge of judo and karate, often including this knowledge in his professional wrestling matches. This knowledge was mainly displayed by him using judo style throws, and karate chops.
Birth date: January 1, 1936
Birth place: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Height:6' (1.83 m)
Profession: Actor, Soundtrack
Source: Wikipedia

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